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Dentist in Howell, NJ

Dr. Swati Gupta and our whole team are proud to be a leading dental practice in beautiful Howell, NJ! Please view our website or contact us for more information about our services.

New to Howell? Here’s some useful information about your new home.

Howell, NJ is a community devoted to balancing economic opportunity and historic preservation. Our growing community includes places for hiking, shopping, running, theaters, and more!

Who you need to know in Howell, NJ

Click here to learn more about our Executive Board.

Click here to learn more about our City Council.

Click here to learn more about our Courts.

What you need to know about Howell, NJ

Howell also has a county Chamber of Commerce that serves to promote growth and success of business and industry in the Howell community. Click here to learn more about the Howell, NJ Chamber of Commerce.

Places to know in Howell, NJ

Howell Police Department is ready and willing to serve and protect our community. Click here to learn more about our Police Department.

For Emergency Calls, please dial 911.

For Non-Emergency Calls, please dial (732) 938-4111. We hope you find this page helpful as you settle into your new community. We look forward to seeing you here at Howell Family Smiles.

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Howell Dentist

Self-Care: A Woman’s Priority  | Howell NJ Dentist

November 15th 2023

When you travel by plane, your flight attendant will advise that in the rare case of an emergency, you must first put on your air mask before attempting to help those around you. When this...

How Candy Threatens Your Child’s Smile | Howell NJ Dentist

November 1st 2023

How often does your child eat candy? According to a study conducted by the USDA Economic Research Service, children under 12 consume an average of 49 pounds of sugar in one year. While candy is...

Are You at Risk for Hairy Tongue? | Howell NJ Dentist

October 15th 2023

You may not realize it, but you could be at risk of developing an unsightly medical condition known as hairy tongue. While it is harmless in most cases, hairy tongue is still an unpleasant ailment....

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