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Oral Appliances

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Oral Appliances

Offering a convenient, non-invasive treatment option for many patients, oral appliances can be used to treat a wide range of circumstances. Custom-designed and built to fit your teeth perfectly, these personalized appliances can be used to treat bruxism, (otherwise known as teeth grinding), bite problems, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Regardless of your need, you can have confidence that Howell dentist, Dr. Gupta will deliver a quality appliance to best fit your preferences and goals.

Bruxism, aka – Teeth Grinding

Grinding of the teeth for long periods of time can cause serious damage, wearing away enamel and exposing your teeth to potential sensitivity and decay. Whether brought on by stress, or simply a part of your life, it is critical to protect yourself from the negative consequences of grinding with a custom made oral appliance.

Sleep Apnea

Placed in the mouth during sleep, oral appliances can offer a worthwhile sleep apnea treatment alternative to patients suffering from CPAP intolerance. An oral appliance is designed to move the lower jaw slightly forward in order to relax the tissues in the back of your throat. Allowing you to breathe properly throughout the night, this treatment can help you get more restful sleep. Many patients prefer this appliance therapy for its comfort and convenience.

Complimentary Sleep Evaluation 

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of sleep apnea, an evaluation may provide the answers you need to get a good night’s sleep.

We offer a complimentary sleep apnea evaluation, which includes the following:

  • An examination by Dr. Gupta
  • Sleep Questionnaire and Review
  • Review of your sleep study, if available
  • Laryngeal function with a pharyngometer
  • Nasal function study using a rhinometer
  • Assessment of your treatment options, if needed

Don’t let sleepless nights ruin your days. Take advantage of our complimentary sleep apnea evaluation, valued at $450, and get the restful sleep you deserve.

Schedule an appointment with our Howell NJ dental office to learn more about the benefits of an oral appliance in alleviating and treating your suitable conditions. Contact Howell Family Smiles: Dentistry For All today!

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